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My name is Carmella and i’m the founder & designer of SwAg HaTs. I create beautifully crafted headwear using a variety of prints & vibrant colours for children & adults. After studying at the London College Of Fashion over 20yrs ago I then worked for mainly Italian desingers in & around Chelsea & the West End of London and travelling the world. I’m a mother of two children under 10 so life is rather full on but my children are my biggest inspiration.

My Turbans come in 5 sizes from newborn to adults and some selective prints can be teamed with matching leggings. Swag Hats was formed in the first lockdown where i was simply inspired by my 1yr old daughter and since my business has grown & i love my work as each piece is made with love & attention to detail. I’ve now branched into wholesale orders which is a massive jump and i’ve implemented not only hair accessories but matching leggings for children & dickie bow ties/ties. Turning heads for all the right reasons! Get your SwAg on.