Krafty trade - Connecting Makers With Stores
Connecting Makers With Stores
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Krafty Trade is the first UK online artisanal wholesale platform. We dedicate our platform to helping small independent creative businesses sell their handmade goods at a wholesale level to shops around the UK. By doing this, it gives retailers the opportunity to have unique and tailored handcrafted products that are not widely available elsewhere. This can generate a new customer base for the retailer, in turn increasing revenue and footfall to the shop.

Krafty trade - Connecting Makers With Stores

Unique and diverse Products available


First UK online artisanal wholesale platform


High quality

  • Trade locally

    Krafty Trade endorses the idea of trading locally. Local products have a lower carbon footprint, and items are traceable to their origins. We encourage independant makers and retailers to work together for mutual benefits and growth. A growing business means more job opportunities and trading locally strengthens and supports our economy.

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  • Benefits For Retailers - Unique products

    Most wholesale websites require a payment before allowing access to their vendor lists. We offer independent retailers a 'free to use' platform that requires a minimum spend of just £200. Having a wholesale platform that lists the makers products, moq's and wholesale prices all in one place at no cost makes finding the perfect stock so much easier for a busy retailer.

    Working with small creatives means produce can be tailored, which in turn develops a line of exclusively unique and diverse products for businesses to offer their customers, which can also be offered at a low moq since production levels are lower than large factory produced stock. We believe that these 2 markets will bring forward a new high street trend of one of a kind locally produced, eco-friendly, sustainable, high quality products into brick and mortar stores. The concept of our business promotes local trade which in return supports our economy. Many other perks will be available.

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  • Benefits For Makers - Krafty Trade Community

    FREE signup. No monthly subscriptions. No fee per item. We only charge when you sell. Makers have complete control of their account, minimum quantities and minimum spend.

  • Krafty trade - Connecting Makers With Stores
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