Krafty Trade

About Us

Connecting makers with stores

Krafty Trade is the bridge between makers and independent retailers. We are a 24/7 wholesale platform focused around supporting small businesses.

We strongly endorse the idea of trading locally. Local products have a lower carbon footprint, and items are traceable to their origins.

We encourage independent makers and retailers to work together for mutual benefits and growth. A growing business means more job opportunities and trading locally strengthens and supports our economy.


One-stop trade fair. Find everything you need under one roof.


Request customisations to create the perfect products for your store.


Makers and resellers can both build close working relationships.


Net 60 terms and free delivery available (subject to conditions and change).

Let's grow together

Unlike trade fairs that charge entry fees, have limited brands and require time and travel expenses, Krafty Trade offers independent retailers a revolutionary ‘free to use’ platform that provides them with wholesale sellers across the entire Nation.

Finding the perfect stock couldn’t be easier! If you are a busy retailer with limited time then why not join our trade fair today and shop from the comfort of your own home!

Working with small creatives means produce can be tailored, which in turn develops a line of exclusively for businesses to offer their customers. We believe that these two markets will bring forward a new high street paradigm of one of a kind locally produced high quality product lines into brick and mortar and online stores.

Popular Products

Minimum spend: £50.00
Minimum quantity: 5
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Minimum quantity: 5
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