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I'm a maker, what is Krafty Trade?

Krafty Trade is an online artisanal wholesale platform. We dedicate our platform to helping small independent creative businesses sell their handmade goods at a wholesale level to shops around the UK.

Krafty Trade endorses the idea of trading locally. We encourage independent makers and retailers to work together for mutual benefits and growth. A growing business means more job opportunities and trading locally strengthens and supports our economy.
What is the application process?

To create an account as a maker you must supply the information requested from us on the application form. We then check and verify the information you have provided before deciding on approval. We want to ensure that retailers are provided with the best service and the highest quality products. If you are approved, then you can create your account.

Who Can Apply?

Below are the minimum requirements for eligibility.

  • - The products you wish to sell hand crafted by you; a real person
  • - You are a registered business
  • - You have branding and social media presence
After approval, we would also require your product imagery to be of a high-quality standard.
What Are the Account features?

We believe in your business. We also believe in giving you the control and flexibility to run your business the way you want. You have complete control over your account.

  • - Set your own minimum qty/spend
  • - Set your prices
  • - Create offers and discounts whenever you choose
  • - Set your own delivery costs
  • - Flexibility between yourself and the retailer. Tailor goods to their request and set custom prices
  • - You can offer postcode protection to retailers for 90 days, so they have exclusivity to your product within their postcode radius. This encourages a stronger relationship with the retailer, and a means to generate recurring sales at a maximum of every 90 days.
What Are Your Restrictions on Products?

There is no limit to the number of products you list. It is against our terms to list an item that is not your product. To ensure your page is compelling to retailers, we suggest listing seasonal offers on certain products.

Please note that Krafty Trade restricts the following products:
  • - Handguns/Firearms
  • - Gourmet items with a shelf life of under six months
  • - Any product containing drugs
  • - Any products that contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
  • - Pornographys
If you are a developer of CBD products, or other item that requires a license, you would need to provide a copy of these documents.
What are your Costs?

We charge a standard commission rate of 15% which is deducted from the sale, so you only pay when you sell. We use that money to market your products highly effective ways and cover our the marketing expenses for you.

What happens if a buyer isn’t happy?

We encourage buyers and makers to communicate and resolve any issues. Should you struggle for a resolve then we can review the issue and make a decision.

It is essential that you provide the best service and offer a solution to avoid negative feedback as this can influence whether other stores choose to buy from you.
How do I deal with a negative review?

We advise you to effectively deal with an issue by promptly supplying a solution that satisfies the customer. Should a resolve not be met, and the buyer feels the service was poor they can leave a negative review. We will then contact the retailer for feedback.

What if the Retailer Says Their Goods Have Arrived Damaged or Goods Didn’t Arrive at all?

If a retailer reports that anything didn’t arrive or was damaged in transit, we will contact you to let you know. We will also provide evidence of any damages so you can file a claim with your shipping provider. We highly recommend using tracked and signed for services. This will ensure secure delivery and provide solid evidence that an order was received. It’s also a good idea that you purchase insurance for your packages - this will assist in disputing any potential lost packages or damages with your shipping carrier. Sometimes things can get damaged in transit or items are not included in the shipping.

If you’ve received a request for a replacement or refund for missing/damaged items, we will urge you to help meet that request as soon as possible whilst you await reimbursement from your shipping provider.
How Do I Handle Returns?

You can choose to handle your returns yourself and set your own returns policy, or you can allow Krafty Trade to handle your returns.

Allowing Krafty Trade to handle my returns – Returns Cover For an extra £1.49. Deducted upon sale.
Let us take away the strain of dealing with customer returns. We wouldn’t ask you to refund the retailer should they wish to return the goods meaning each of your sales is guaranteed. Any returns come back to our warehouse. Through our returns programme, the retailer has 30 days to return goods with no questions asked, as long as the product is in pristine condition. (Unfortunately, gourmet foods cannot be covered.)

We then list and resell the goods to other Krafty Trade retailers at a slight discount. Your products are then listed in the sale category. This is a great way for us to introduce your products to new retailers. Returns are thoroughly checked to ensure items are in perfect condition. We’ll never redistribute your product unless it’s a true representation of your brand. If you do not like the idea of your products being resold by Krafty Trade, then you can handle returns yourself.

Handle My own
Set your own returns process. Set your own prices. Handle returns under your own conditions. You should add your own policy to your account.

Trade Pricing Guidelines?

We recommend pricing your products at 50% off the suggested retail price. We do understand that prices will differ depending on quantity purchase, so consider how many products you would want to sell (or the minimum you would want the retailer to spend) to offer a 50% discount.

Please also be sure that your prices are consistent with all other wholesale/retail channels where your products are listed.
When Will I Be Paid?

When setting up your account, you will provide your bank account information. When a retailer makes a successful transaction, our commission charge is automatically deducted, and your funds appear in your account within 2-3 business days of the payment being processed.

What is the community forum?

We offer a forum to our makers where they can set up discussion threads and build a self-supporting community

We will regularly post articles, tips, advice, links and exclusive discounts to services and products that would be relevant to the artisan industry Please see our Terms + Conditions regarding what we do and do not allow to be posted on the community forum
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