Retailer FAQ

I’m a retailer, what is Krafty Trade?

Krafty Trade is the first UK online artisanal wholesale platform. We dedicate our platform to helping small independent creative businesses sell their handmade goods at a wholesale level to shops around the UK. By doing this, it gives retailers the opportunity to have unique and tailored hand-crafted products that are not widely available elsewhere. This can generate a new customer base for the retailer, in turn increasing revenue and footfall to the shop.

Krafty Trade endorses the idea of trading locally. Local products have a lower carbon footprint, and items are traceable to their origins. We encourage independent makers and retailers to work together for mutual benefits and growth. A growing business means more job opportunities and trading locally strengthens and supports our economy.

What Products do You Sell? How do you select makers?

We review applications from independent creatives that specialize in various skillsets. The product range is diverse. We check all applications fully and check a seller’s performance and reputation, confirm they have licenses to sell, look for feedback from previous buyers to ensure product quality, business information and social media presence. All products listed are handmade by small independent businesses. Please feel free to have a browse through our categories!

What If I Wish to Return an Item?

Returns are down to the terms provided on the makers profile. You should check a seller’s profile for their individual returns policy. To process a return please fill out the orders and returns form on out website.


If for some reason you need to cancel an order, we can help you with a partial or full cancellation of your order. However, being that our makers dedicate to lovingly crafting your merchandise by hand, we require that you reach out within 24 hours of placing the order, so that they do not get started fulfilling the order before you cancel. Once you order has been shipped, we cannot cancel the order.

What do I need to provide to cancel an order?

Please contact us using the form below and include the following information:

  • - Order number
  • - Name of brand
  • - Items to be canceled
  • - Reason for cancellation.
What are your Costs? What about Shipping?

We do not charge retailers to use our website. The only charge you will incur from us is a 2% fee for service and payment processing. Delivery is free.

Other costs, such as returns may be charged. Some makers will offer free returns while others may charge so additional costs will vary.

When Will I Receive my Order?

Lead times will vary per maker and it will depend on products ordered, quantities ordered and whether it’s a custom order.
The maker will provide an average lead time but they can give a more accurate time to you directly upon reviewing your requirements.

What happens if I'm not happy?

We encourage buyers and makers to communicate and resolve any issues. Should you struggle for a resolve then we can review the issue, however we are not responsible for any dispute between maker and retailer.

Makers are encouraged to state their policies clearly for retailers.


We encourage retailers to leave a review of the service they received from a maker.

Before leaving a negative review, we would ask you to first communicate with the maker to resolve any issues you experienced so they can put things right.

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